Company Bread line ltd. is dedicated to the production of products from sprouted grains.

After more than a decade of research and patented technology of production of flour from sprouted grains, we have launched the commercial production of Granum sprouted whole wheat flour. We wish to specialize in the production of various types of flour from sprouted grains, in order to meet the growing global population’s need for a healthier diet.

PatentCertificateThe production process is set up so that all the vital elements from sprouted grains are preserved thanks to the processing at low temperatures. For more details on the biochemical composition of sprouted wheat, click here. For basic information on the composition, click here.

During the production of Granum flour we do not use preservatives, additives, artificial colors or heavy chemicals because the production process is designed to produce a completely natural and healthy product. For details on food additives see here.

Due to the very essence of germination, our products cannot be made from chemically laden or genetically modified seeds.

The shelf life of sprouted wheat flour is 6 months at temperatures up to 30⁰C and 10 months if kept in the refrigerator.

It is not advisable to keep this flour in places exposed to direct sunlight.

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