Food Additives

As a result of the development of food technology and the need to preserve certain amount of food for a longer period, with consumer demands increasing, the food industry also strived to adapt by offering food with new sensory properties, new appearance, longer expiry dates, new flavors and the like. Various supplements we call additives have played an increasingly important role in creating these new foods. These are substances with a known chemical structure, which are not consumed individually, are not considered to be a typical food ingredient and as a rule have no nutritional value.


Polyphenols (phenols) - eugenol, thymol, carvachol

Zoran Maksimovic, assistant professor of the Institute of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade.

Science has confirmed that the plant polyphenols are important exogenous antioxidants. These ingredients include low-molecular phenols (eugenol, thymol and carvachol in essential oils), fenolcarbonic acid, flavonoids and tannins.


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