Frequently asked questions

strukturazrnaWhat is the difference between your sprouted wheat flour and that of other manufacturers?
Granum flour is made from whole germinated wheat using the latest, patented manufacturing technology, while other producers’ flour made from wheat sprouts is made of only one part of wheat grain. For more detail click here to see the morphology of the grain.

Is Granum flour a substitute for the usual flour?

Granum flour is usually a substitute for plain flour, however, it is worth noting that because of its nutritional value, it cannot be classified as conventional flour, i.e. in one of the "four white deaths" (salt, fat, sugar and flour).

Can diabetic people use Granum flour?

Given that this flour has glycemic index of 24, people diagnosed with diabetes can use it in diet. Because of its unique bio-chemical composition Granum flour will not have any damaging effect on the body.

Is the flavour of Granum the same as or different from the usual flour?

Granum flour has a unique, completely distinct taste and smell. The taste is reminiscent of acacia flower, or walnut, and the smell is the combination of herbal scents. The disintegrated starch lends it a slightly sweet taste. Consumers state that taste and smell are completely unique and cannot be equaled to any other product (flour).

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